Place of prayer

[Muslim hospitality map in Taito] during the distribution Place of prayer It is a photograph that was put in the previous blog, but it is the room of choice and that was apparent in Taiwan airport. This pictogram (pictograph, picture word) What all religious OK'm feeling and from. I think unscrupulous or, is unknown to the what about what is in a small room does not have except to in. I did not know when I wrote this blog, but as prayer room in Sendai Airport has been prepared. Would you say that evidence that even in Japan is progressing consideration for religion. Technical intern trainees and students has been increasing, but Vietnamese In terms of nationality, to increase in the Indonesian Following the Nepalese is remarkable. Indonesia is known as a country facing the world's largest number of Muslims, out of the population billion ten million, split close people is Muslim (Muslim). Of course, the majority also people who are coming to Japan is Indonesia's Muslims. Muslims are the times pray day. Will most good if could go to the mosque (mosque, Masjid), but if not in the neighborhood will pray toward the place where his Ile in the direction of Mecca.

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