Muslim main Tenashi [How to make the prayer room]

[Muslim hospitality map in Taito] during the distribution Muslim places of worship, how to make a prayer room and Islamic prayer mat From the Islamic world, such as Malaysia's Muslim inbound, visit to Japan the number is rapidly increasing. However, many people are not familiar even to say that Muslims, how would not parties many of the puzzled what may be accepted. So, we want to introduce the [How to make of the place of worship as the Muslim main Tenashi surgery. Surge to visit Muslim inbound Visit to Japan number of people from Malaysia According to the statistical data that Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) has announced 2.0 years was increased near zero compared with the previous year by about million people. So about the split Muslims of Malaysia population (Muslims), would be to visit the number of Muslims is also increasing rapidly. In fact, in the plane of Japan flights you can see the appearance of many of the Muslims. Direct flights of the extension of the New Chitose Airport and the Kansai International Airport and Kuala Lumpur have also been planned, no doubt to continue to increase in the future.

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