Understanding Islam! What time is doing pray?

[Muslim hospitality map in Taito] during the distribution Trying to understand Islam! What time is doing pray? And Islam? Islam is a religion that faith the only absolute God Allah. God Allah's words, through Muhammad is the last prophet, is the beat to the people, I say it with the Qur'an (Koran). In Islam, Muslims as is to be One of the faith act to, there is a thing called are defined five elements. The contents of the five elements are put in this article. [The identity of the song that sounds at high volume from early in the morning in Indonesia? ] One of but One of the five elements called "worship", Muslims (Muslims) will dedicate the choice of the day times to Allah. What time is doing worship? Worship in the day times fixed time, and facing the direction of Mecca. Mecca is a building that is considered the best of the sacred place in Islam. Place to worship, but it is best to go to the mosque, home and, you can company, school, anywhere even on the road. The name of each time of worship Worship is called Sholat (Sora').

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