Prayer room is the key to the Muslim attract

[Muslim hospitality map in Taito] during the distribution Installed in the prayer room is the key department stores and airports to Muslim attract, karaoke shop also self-confidence Takashimaya was installed in Shinjuku [prayer room]. There is a place of purification to near the entrance, in the back provided with a worship space laying the carpet Visit to Japan in foreigners increases, in order to accept the Muslims (Muslims) with a habit of choice, such as prayer room (prayer (prayer) room) the airports and commercial facilities to be installed is one after another. The Muslim attract, but movement following the provision of food based on the teachings of Islam, at present are struggling to find a place even in Japan Muslims. Muslim or go to travel or shopping to choose a place that you can worship is not a few, prayer room installation brings a business opportunity. These bandwagon captured display major, Tanseisha the development of the halal Japan Association and assembled unit type prayer room, embarked on sales. Naha Airport international passenger terminal building floor month to lobby, unit type prayer room of Tanseisha [player Room WANOMA (between the sum)] has been installed.

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