Learned in the study report Indonesia life

[Muslim hospitality map in Taito] during the distribution Recognized the different religion, to respect its own religion Since most of the Indonesian people believe in Islam, it has become a life of Islam center. The author of the host family is also so. They pray five times a day, not allowed to make a pork and alcohol in the mouth. Most food has a mark-to-eat of Muslims, Muslims because the choice in the mosque, all the facilities and shops of the city, for example, is common sense that the gas station and McDonald's have been built mosque . Will flow thing for the choice of Islam that Azaru from the city of speakers from the morning. Then, suffer because girls Himal of Muslims in the school, a special for every Friday Muslims, students of Muslim wearing of Islamic dress uniforms shirt, men gathered in the mosque and it is time the whole school students, teacher will also pray together. Then, we start the lesson wish every lesson. There is a course of religious study, for students and most are Muslim, while the Muslim teaching is done in the classroom, Christian teaching is done in another day together all grades.

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