The actual labor hours day only a minute! ? [Long-time worship] evils

[Muslim hospitality map in Taito] during the distribution The actual labor hours day only a minute! ? The wave of [long-worship] is also working styles reform in Islamic society in evils The working style reform is being sought is not only in Japan. In the society in which Muslim majority, it has sued the need of working styles reform from various aspects. Reduce the labor productivity for a long time worship One of the vexing problem for the side to hire a Muslim, whether or not to admit the worship within the working hours, how much time is reasonable or in the case admit, is what that. This is because, Muslims but be times worship on the day there is a duty on the religion, because a significant reduction in labor productivity due to hurts the time [for a long time worship] is often confirmed. For example, if you and up to the time from the time of the working hours, generally times of the times of worship will overlap working hours and its timing. In the case of half-past from the labor time is half past, timing of times of worship, depending on location and day you visited in that time.

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